Tesla News: Watch Starship Prototype Make First Flight, Resembles Giant Noisy Aluminium Can

The SpaceX Starship will likely be the craft that takes humanity to Mars for the first time. Potentially even more exciting, it could lead to a base on the Moon.

In that case, it’s fantastic news that the craft just passed its first takeoff and landing test. The incredible feat was shown in full high-definition glory in a SpaceX video below.


One strange feature of this test craft, was that it doesn’t have its nose-cone for this phase of testing. Because of this, the SN5 looks like a giant Monster Energy can, without its wrapper.

While it was hovering 150 meters over Boca Chica, Texas this week it must have been as strange a sight as an alien craft. Undoubtedly, it was noisier as well.

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, has said in the past that space pad landing stations would likely have to be floated far out into the ocean, since the noise of takeoff would be far to disruptive to civilizations. For instance, a future spaceport would have to be fed passengers by a fleet of ferries or other ships.

The next step for the Starship is a series of high altitude tests. Those will also involve the use of air-flaps for maneuvering.

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