Tesla News: Watch The Full Elon Musk & Cybertruck Segment From Jay Leno’s Garage

We’ve been hearing a lot about the new Cybertruck feature for Jay Leno’s Garage for weeks now. When they released a trailer for the new season of the show, we saw Elon Musk riding shotgun, and Jay lowering the Cybertruck into the Boring Company tunnel.

A couple of weeks later, they teased us even more, with a discussion between Musk and Leno about production changes coming to the Cybertruck. Elon said that it would be 5% smaller, a statement that he later changed and then took-back, and that its glass would be in a slightly different angle.

The wildest part of that teaser, and what caught the most attention, was Elon standing atop the vault cover of the Cybertruck’s bed, lording over the LA streets to demonstrate how strong the truck is.

Well, the whole segment was put up in all of it’s glory Wednesday night. We can’t necessarily say there is much more than what was teased, but they definitely follow through with details. For example, we see the Cybertruck driving through the tunnel (very slowly), and coming out the elevator on the other end.

Musk explains that Leno could drive faster if he wanted, and that eventually the car will drive through the tunnel with Autopilot. Curiously, there was an elevator attendant waiting at the exit, which raises questions. Do they always stand there, as a full-time job, or only on special occasions? Why not have the elevator work with a clicker?

All told, the segment was surprisingly short, with not much happening outside of what was teased. We did see Tesla’s design head, Franz Von Holzhausen, come talk about how the Cybertruck deviates from preconceived notions of American pickups. Either way, check it out, it does have some new shots of the truck, and Leno looking down his nose at the road as he splits lanes, 20 mph under the speed-limit.

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