Tesla News:The Cybertruck’s Off-Roading Capabilities Compared To ICE Trucks

Sandy Munro, the top dog over at Munro & Associates, continues his lockdown streak of analyzing Tesla’s vehicles for Youtube. In his latest installment on the Cybertruck, he compares its driveline and off-road potential to the biggest three “competitors” in the truck segment.

The lesson begins with Munro telling us about his time at Land Rover, and how a lifelong affinity for 4-wheel drive vehicles has aided his assessment of the Cybertruck.

He slips in such cool tidbits as the “endo” club, which means a car goes rolling “end-Over-end,” to prove he knows his stuff, and even goes so far as to show a picture of his Jeep Rubicon.

In his very educational breakdown of drivelines, including differentials and transfer cases, we get to see old technologies, which no doubt Tesla will innovate around in some instances.

Specifically, with the tri-motor variant of the Cybertruck, which won’t have a need for a rear diff, since there will be two rear-motors. Honestly, his demonstratives make the Rivian R1T look really competitive, since it won’t need any differential at all.

The great thing about Munro’s videos is that he actually will rent all the cars and have them up on the lift to point out all the parts he talks about. He also has a Tesla Model Y’s differential just sitting on the table, and the know-how to tell you all that you want to hear.

As far as horsepower, torque, clearance, and approach angle… whoa, putting them all up on a graph really makes you view the Cybertruck in the way, Munro does. That being, more than a pickup, an off-road sports truck.


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