Tesla: Pokemon And Minecraft Maybe Coming To Its Vehicles


Following a long string of updates which added playable video games to the large touch screens of Tesla vehicles, Elon Musk is pushing to get augmented reality games to drivers in a future update. In a tweet last week, Musk alluded to his gamer agenda, and flat-out propositioned potential coders for help getting multiplayer or AR running on the Tesla media console.

Naturally, some may see this as an absurd notion, whereas Tesla drivers have been playing games in their front seats for years now. Initially launch as a port for old Atari games, Teslatari grew to include modern indie games as well, after being teased at E3 2019. Soon, Teslas were playing as recent of games as the critically acclaimed Cuphead.

The pastime, which made so much sense for those stuck waiting on a supercharger, starts to make more and more sense as humans are less necessary for the driving experience. With the addition of plug-in controllers and new game engines, the possibilities could be endless. For example, Musk mentioned on Twitter last year that, “[they] def need racing game using actual car steering wheel & pedals!”

Something that comes up while talking to FSD or Autopilot detractors, is the trusting a computer do do all of your driving. Where this may seem counterintuitive, many of us are accustomed to spending somewhere under $2000 on a PC, and while that is a lot of money for a computer, it’s nothing compared to the price point of a sedan.

As is often said, these are more similar to computers on wheels than ICE-cars, and for the amount of money you may spend on a car, you don’t have to compromise on your graphics card. In fact, the computer’s Tesla use to run its cars, are absolute beasts when compared to a standard computer. Of course, they mostly handle driving tasks, but still, imagine using those to play Minecraft!

At some point, we should see people sailing down the road with their VR-headsets, carelessly playing away as the car’s AI handles the mundane task of driving. When that’s the case, sign me up.

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