Tesla Powered 1970s BMW E9 Coupe Divides Fans

Electric Classic Cars have converted a 1970s BMW E9 Coupe to be Tesla powered.

BMW produced around 30,000 E9 coupes between 1968 and 1975. Unfortunately, there are not very many working examples anymore.

In a recent video from Electric Classic Cars, they show this newly converted E9 which had been poorly looked after and badly restored. They have used the battery pack from a Tesla to replace the original straight-six engine.

Some EV conversions will keep some of the original drivetrain, but these owners took out the gearbox, prop shaft and differential from the back.

This is sure to have mixed reviews from fans as the original 3-litre engine was regarded as one of the best sounding engines ever made. Not having this recognisable sound will be a big negative for some, but it now has more than double the power now with 450 horsepower.

One fan commented:

“I was crying Sacrilege until you told the story of it literally being scrap. That is an awesome restoration and will be enjoyed for decades more. Excellent.”

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