Tesla Reportedly Wins German FSD And Autopilot Lawsuit Battle

Ever since Tesla announced their autopilot system, ‘Full Self-Drive’ (FSD) mode, there has been a lot of scepticism around it. The EV company are currently rolling out the beta version of FSD to selected users to further test it.

Many have argued that Tesla should not be using the term ‘autopilot’ as well as ‘full self-driving’ for cars that are not fully autonomous. A lawsuit was filed against Tesla by the Wettbewerbszentrale (Competition Center) for this but the electric car maker has been successful in winning the appeal.

According to, a Munich court ruled against Tesla in 2020, saying that the EV company was using ‘misleading marketing practices’ with regards to using ‘autopilot’ and ‘full self-driving’.

Reportedly, The Competition Center was joined by multiple other companies, all insisting that Tesla was misinforming their customers when they said that autopilot was included in every Tesla, as that term insinuates that the vehicles can drive themselves without needing any human input.

Tesla appealed the lawsuit straight away and the Munich court ruled in favour of Tesla. It has been reported that Tesla will still be able to continue to use the terms ‘autopilot’ and ‘FSD’ as when people visit Tesla’s website, they can see that the vehicles are not completely autonomous.

The EV company did have to change some wording though, so now when finding out more about the FSD system on their website, the information is under ‘driver-assist system’s features’.

This comes as a similar lawsuit has been filed against Tesla by the California DMV, so we will have to see what happens there. However, with some bad press surrounding the companies recent production issues and FSD bugs, it is good to see some positive news with production picking back up and this lawsuit win.

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