Tesla Reveals Newly Increased Price Of The Full Self-Drive System

Tesla recently released the latest version of the Full Self-Drive (FSD) system, 10.69 Beta. When this was released, the EV makers explained that we would see a price increase, and this has now formally happened.

The price of FSD will now set a customer back $15,000. This will give users access to basic autopilot, enhanced pilot, traffic light and stop sign control. This means that customers purchasing the the system at the new price will pay for features that are mainly available in the ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ but now has a $9,000 price difference.

The only way to purchase the FSD system at the moment is to be part of the FSD Beta program, which still requires the drivers to be evaluated and tested using Tesla’s Safety Score system. Now that those customers are having to pay a whopping $15,000, they may stop carrying out these tests, but we will have to see if Elon Musk’s company make any further announcements on this.

Musk had warned us that we would see increases in the price of FSD as the system is developed and more advanced. So, we will see where this goes in the future.

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