Tesla Reveals Two New Colours For Model Y Bringing It In-Line With Range

In a recent update, Tesla has introduced two new vibrant colours, Ultra Red and Stealth Grey, to its Model Y lineup in the United States. This move adds fresh choices to a model previously limited in colour options, connecting it to the wider Tesla range.

Key Takeaways:

In a notable update to its US Model Y offerings, Tesla has expanded the vehicle’s colour range by adding Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. These hues were previously exclusive to the Model S and X series. This update is particularly significant as Tesla rarely revises its colour selections. Last year witnessed the addition of these two colours to the Model S and X in the US, while Europe saw the introduction of exclusive colours like Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red for the Model Y, which didn’t make it to the US market.

US customers have been anticipating new colour options for the Model Y for over a year. Their patience has been rewarded with two distinctive colours. These new shades are similar to the existing colours but offer a slightly different tone.

The introduction of Stealth Grey and Ultra Red means the phasing out of Midnight Silver Metallic and Multi-Coat Red from the Model Y colour options. Stealth Grey now serves as the standard colour at no extra cost, replacing Midnight Silver Metallic, and Ultra Red is offered as a premium option priced at $2,000. While these colours have yet to be seen on the Model Y, they have been showcased on the Model S and X. Tesla’s website provides comparisons that suggest these new colours possess a darker or richer quality compared to their predecessors. However, Tesla’s website images might not reflect the exact real-life appearance.

Real-world comparisons of these colours on different Tesla models, such as a Model X in Ultra Red compared to a Model 3 in Multi-Coat Red, give a better sense of the new colour’s depth and richness.

With this update, Tesla has introduced the first major colour change for the Model Y in the US. Although the new options represent a modest departure from the existing palette, they signify Tesla’s commitment to keeping its vehicle lineup fresh and appealing.

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