Tesla Semi Electrifies the 2023 Run on Less Electric Depot Event: Unprecedented Mileage and Performance

Discover how Tesla's electric Class 8 truck is revolutionizing the freight industry with remarkable range and charging capabilities.

In the fast-evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), Tesla has once again taken center stage with its impressive showing at the ongoing 2023 Run on Less Electric Depot event. Specifically, the Tesla Semi, the electric Class 8 truck that first made waves when Elon Musk unveiled it in late 2017, is proving to be a game-changer in the freight industry.

In a mere 48 hours, one of Tesla’s Semis, proudly sporting the PepsiCo logo, covered a remarkable distance of 1,600 miles. This achievement has left industry insiders and enthusiasts alike in awe, wondering how the Tesla Semi managed to accomplish such a feat.

According to David Mullaney of the Rocky Mountain Institute, it’s the Tesla Semi’s exceptional charging performance that lies at the heart of these extraordinary accomplishments. While many were initially skeptical about the feasibility of long-haul electric trucking, Tesla’s innovative engineering and commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV technology are once again reshaping perceptions.

When Elon Musk introduced the Tesla Semi to the world, he didn’t hold back in his promises. One striking slide from the unveiling event declared that the Tesla Semi would feature “BAMF performance.” For those unfamiliar with internet slang, “BAMF” is an acronym for “bad *ss mother f**ker,” and it appears that Tesla’s humorous approach aligns perfectly with the truck’s capabilities.

PepsiCo, a company known for embracing sustainable transportation solutions, is putting the Tesla Semi to the test with three units participating in the 2023 Run on Less Electric Depot event. Tesla Semi #3, in particular, drew attention by covering 794 miles during its second day of testing. The following day, this Class 8 all-electric powerhouse continued its journey, adding another 806 miles to its impressive tally. What’s truly astonishing is that Tesla Semi #3 was in constant motion during the nearly 48-hour marathon, covering a total of 1,600 miles.

But it’s not just about distance; it’s about hauling capacity as well. As Mike Roeth of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) pointed out, the Tesla Semi trucks are not running empty routes. These electric giants are hauling hefty loads, with some weighing in at nearly 80,000 pounds. They shuttle between locations, delivering beverages like soda and water, and picking up products like Gatorade along the way. NACFE has verified that these Teslas are consistently loaded, dispelling any doubts about their real-world performance.

The secret to the Tesla Semi’s success lies in its advanced battery technology. Although Tesla has not released the full specifications of the vehicle’s battery, it’s evident that the Semi can handle high-power charges for extended periods. Mullaney highlights this crucial aspect, stating, “PepsiCo’s Tesla Semi #3 just did 1600 miles in a little less than 48 hours, with the truck pretty much continually moving outside three brief but fruitful charges (along with two range-extending mini charges). It’s really that charging that unlocks this. The early morning charge on Day 3 gets 75% SOC in about an hour (from 5% to 80%).”

What sets the Tesla Semi apart is not just the 750 kW charger but also the battery’s ability to accept high-power charges over extended durations. This “charge curve,” remaining steep even beyond 80% state of charge (SOC), is the key to unlocking the remarkable mileage achieved by these trucks. In the past, subjecting a battery to such intense charging would have resulted in rapid deterioration, but Tesla’s innovation has overcome this limitation.

In conclusion, the Tesla Semi is rewriting the rules of long-haul trucking, proving that electric vehicles can outperform their diesel counterparts even in demanding, real-world scenarios. With its impressive range, heavy load capabilities, and rapid charging technology, the Tesla Semi is undoubtedly a game-changer in the world of freight transportation.

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