Tesla Semi Spotted Doing Extremely Fast Acceleration On Public Road

Tesla has boasted about their new game-changing Semi and the lightning performance it’s going to muster from its four electric motors for at least a month now, but we’ve never had any evidence of this actually being true. That’s until now.

The video was uploaded by Richard Fielder and shows the 500-mile range Semi prototype putting rubber on the road as it accelerates down a road somewhere between Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters and the Fremont factory.

The video begins with the truck causing slowly until the driver plants the throttle and the wine of the electric motors take over. The wheels squeal under the instant torque and fire the Semi down the road at a ridiculous pace.

It should also  be noted that the truck was spotted with a set of side mirrors, unlike the prototype that was first shown to us.

On release the Tesla Semi will be able to reach 60mph in just 2.5 seconds, and when towing 80,000 pounds worth of cargo will still be able to reach that speed in just 20 seconds.

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