Tesla Semi Spotted On Highway Heading To Gigafactory

We’ve seen two videos of the Tesla Semi on the road now, but we’ve never seen it travel at higher speeds. Say, highway speeds. That’s until now, as a Semi was spotted travelling between the Tesla Fremont factory and the Gigafactory outside of Reno, NV.

The following video was taken by Vlad Fed, who saw it lurking on the road behind him.

Tesla has already stated that they will be the first to use the electric Semi to transport goods between the Fremont and Nevada factories when it’s released in 2019. And judging by its proposed range of 500 miles, this seems to be more than possible. Add the regenerative braking feature, and the Semi, in theory, should be more than capable of traversing this journey

“Tesla will be the first customer for its own truck. So we will use our own trucks to carry cargo in the US between our different facilities. We have (an) assembly factory in California, we have a battery factory in Nevada, so we’ll use our truck to carry things in between,” – Tesla VP of Truck Programs, Jerome Guillen.

The Tesla Semi is surely going to make a mark in the logistics industry and will certainly quicken the production of Tesla cars once they start using the Semi between factories. Not only that, but with Convoy Mode and other autopilot features, it will reduce the fatigue of drivers, too.

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