Tesla Shows Off Cybertruck’s Rear Wheel Steer Capabilities

The Tesla Cyber Rodeo on Friday showcased a number of the upcoming vehicles but most fans were getting excited about the long-awaited Cybertruck.

Many new features could be seen including updated doors, side repeater cameras, and a concept charging point.

A recent video by Cybertruck Owners Club shows the truck with rear wheel steering. Elon Musk had mentioned the rear wheel steering on Twitter last year, saying that it was to make sure that the Cybertruck would be able to manoeuvre tight corners easily.

You would think this would go down well with customers due to the large wheelbase which is even longer than the Ford F-150, making it easier for drivers on a day-to-day basis. However, members have commented on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum and have sparked their own debate. One said:

“Great to see it working closeup and at slow speed. Going to really help turning radius and parking!”

Whilst another wrote:

“Personally don’t care for this feature. Gimmicky and cost increasing”

In response to this, another user commented:

“The Model Y turning radius was noticeably not great when I drove that. The CT will be so much better in parking situations with 4 wheel steering. To me that is a valuable feature and worth the extra complexity. I do think the crab walk stuff is kind of gimmicky. I wonder how backing up a trailer with 4 wheel steer would be- might be better to be disable for that.”


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