Tesla Shutting Down Its Tilburg Factory After Model S & X Upgrade

Tesla is closing down its Tilburg factory in the Netherlands where it performed the final assembly of the Model S and X. Now, with a refresh of the X and S on the cards, it’s being shut down, or possible repurposed for other uses.

The factory assembles cars for the European market, and has an inside test track for quality testing before the cars are sent out into the real world. NU revealed a release regarding the reasons behind the shutting down of this factory:

Tesla will stop “very shortly” with assembling the Model S and Model X in Tilburg. The models were upgraded at the end of January, which changed the production process in the United States so that assembly in the Netherlands is no longer possible.

January saw the reveal of upgraded Model S and Model Xs, with a new interior, slight exterior changes, and new performance powertrains. Unfortunately, it’s been reported that thanks to these new models, there are 96 jobs on the line, although Tesla is apparently looking to transfer these workers to other jobs= that are needed.

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