Tesla Solves the Frozen Door Handle Problem in an Unexpected Way

As we are coming into the colder months, Tesla has brought out a new in-app feature to help when the door handles are frozen shut.

The update was released last week including the “Unlatch Door” feature where you can open your Tesla door without using the handle.

Tesla Model 3 owner, Trevor Page shared the new function to his Twitter account, advising his followers to add it to their quick controls for ease in winter:

“New unlatch driver’s side door feature in Tesla app 4.14.0. Add it to quick controls for winter if your door handles are frozen”

Model 3 and Model Y owners have previously complained about the handles getting frozen into place making it difficult to get into the car. Before this latest update came out, owners had to become quite creative to be able to get around this issue, including Page who had previously shared in 2020 that he used the Preheat feature to defrost the cameras, doors handles, and charge ports when the cold Canadian winters took over.

Tesla previously brought out other features to try and solve the problem such as the Model Y door handles that can be pressed on both sides to help free the handle from the ice. They also designed a heated charging port for the Model Y so the EV can still be charged during the icy months.

A video has been shared to the Tesla Info YouTube channel showing a quick run down of how the new feature works. It is quite simple, when the “Unlatch Door” button is pressed in the Tesla app, the door pops open so you do not need to use the handle at all.

The latest feature seems to be going down well with owners so far with some asking for the same feature to become available for the passenger side doors as well.

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