Should Tesla Start Selling Cars Through, now a publicly traded company, wants to sell Tesla cars; but interestingly enough, there does not seem to be any sort of talks to partner up the two companies. Used cars make up the bulk of the US auto economy, and it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea to get some used Tesla cars moving through, especially with the “unconventional” was Tesla sells their vehicles right now.

With $30 billion being spent on advertising vehicles and only a small portion of that audience actually in the market to buy a car, a future that leans towards a mobile environment like, where consumers are making decisions usually within 40 days.

In the video below, CEO Alex Vetter talked about how they can be an ideal partner for companies looking for a bigger distribution method, perhaps a company where a digital format could bring about a larger reach. is actually profitable, something not too often seen in new publicly traded companies, so that could be an additional incentive to partner with

One of the companies that Vetter was asked about was Tesla, where he was asked if there would be any interest in selling new Tesla vehicles through

“As Tesla realizes that there are many luxury shoppers on (we skew in one of the most affluent, younger audiences across the web) and I think when they realize that they’ve got to start competing more with other luxury makes, I think we’re an ideal home for them to start being disruptive in their marketing strategies.”

When asked if he had actually been in touch with Tesla, Vetter gave a much more vague answer, instead simply mentioning that they have been in touch with all the OEMs and have had active discussions with all of them. Obviously, there is no confirmation of anything with Tesla, but why so coy with your answer…hmmm?

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