Tesla Takes Car Karaoke To The Next Level With ‘TeslaMic’

Tesla has unveiled a new product which is currently only available in China. The ‘TeslaMic’ is a microphone for its in-car karaoke system.

Tesla frequently combines features for a larger end-of-the-year software upgrade, which usually includes some entertaining features. Tesla has begun distributing its “Chinese New Year” software update in China today.

Tesla has committed to releasing a physical product for the Chinese New Year update, which is remarkable.

The ‘TeslaMic’ is compatible with the Leishi KTV which is the karaoke system that will be included in the upgrade. The microphone is currently being sold on Tesla’s Chinese merchandise store for 1,199 Chinese Yuan which is roughly $188 USD. It has brought in so much interest that the webpage has already been going down.

In 2019, Tesla launched a new in-vehicle “Caraoke” feature with the release of its V10 software. It plays a small list of songs with lyrics displayed on the center display.

However, in the new 2022.2.1 software update in China, Tesla is utilizing Leishi KTV’s user interface and catalog to create a more comprehensive karaoke system that runs on the vehicle computer.

The TeslaMic connects automatically with the system, comes with a few sound modes to assist with the vocals and can even be used outside of the vehicle, according to Tesla’s description.

Tesla’s TeslaMic is exclusively available in China, but the automobile manufacturer recently applied for a similar trademark in the United States. It may suggest that Tesla is getting ready to release the TeslaMic in additional countries.

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