Tesla To Launch FSD Beta 5 Update In Just Few Days

Select Tesla vehicle owners have tried and probably enjoying the remarkable features of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta updates. But a comprehensive and fully upgraded Full-Self Driving line is set to launch in a few days as hinted by Tesla CEO himself Elon Musk.

Musk guarantees significant improvements on the FSD Beta 5 after reviews claimed the Model S is quite average compared to its rivals like GM’s Super Cruise during its real-world test on the streets of Las Vegas. A few weeks ago, Musk announced a series of updates will pile out every five to 10 days to quickly install new features and enhance existing performance.

Musk could not help but share his confidence. “FSD Beta 5 coming out in a few days. Improvement should be significant,” Musk tweeted.

Tesla’s CEO is getting support and backs up Musk’s confidence. A limited FSD Beta tester James Locke drove a Model 3 in a 180 forced turning three times. Locke indicated that the FSD beta instantly adjusted its navigation with each turn go without any effort. This improvement is attributed to the FSD’s capacity to pick up speed restrictions in the area. Basically, Musk’s confidence is bringing him right in the place.

A few days ago, Musk teased on Tesla’s “V11” holiday update set this coming December which will largely import upgrades from requests and suggestions of electric car owners. The Tesla CEO even implied features that owners did not even think they will want. If all these claims will be true, it is going to be huge in electric car technology.

What features are you looking forward to with the upcoming FSD Beta 5 update?

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