Tesla Uses Factory Shutdown to Upgrade and Improve Production

With Tesla having to shut down it’s Fremont factory, the uber-efficient company is going to take the opportunity to make some upgrades that will hopefully improve production.

Pushing the shut down back as much as possible, Tesla not only shut down its Fremont factory but also shut down their Gigafactory in New York as of March 23rd with the hopes flattening the curve during this Corona Virus pandemic.

With a small workforce at the factory, Tesla plans to make most of its upgrades to its production lines, which was something always in the plans for the relatively older factory in Fremont as shown with this building permit:


According to Electrek sources, Tesla is also planning on using the famous ‘tent’ production line to help with the production of the Model Y. This ten structure famously helped the company reach the 5,000 Model 3s a week number last year to help Tesla survive.

With numbers for Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 most likely affected by the effects of the Corona Virus, this will hopefully give Tesla some breathing room to keep up with the most likely high demand of the Model Y.


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