Tesla World Reacts To Horrendous Devils Slide Crash – “Wanting To Buy A Tesla”

A Tesla was driven off the Devil’s Slide cliff in San Francisco on Monday, however the driver and three passengers miraculously survived. The driver, Dharmesh Patel, is being investigated over attempted murder and child abuse after the police declared it  as purposeful and confirmed that Full Self Drive was not activated at the time. Patel will be moved to the San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City, LA once he is discharged from hospital.

Since the news came out, the Tesla world has been taking to social media about the incident. One Twitter user, Brock Sommerset, who worked on the rescue team wrote:

@elonmusk Got me seriously wanting to buy a Tesla. Was on this rescue, 250 ft off Devils Slide, all occupants survived.”

Sommerset continued in the comments:

“Affirmative. Amazing that there were survivors of a vehicle that went 250 ft down. Both kids have already been released from the Hospital. Minor injuries. Glad that the rescues were successful!”

Other Twitter users have mixed responses with some claiming it was a fluke that the occupants survived the horrific crash. However, others are championing the Tesla’s safety features. Another user wrote:

Tesla’s are 100% saving people’s lives and I’m still meeting people who have something negative to say about Tesla. It shouldn’t be a question when a car not only saves the planet but the people in the planet! It’s time to thank @elonmusk”

Another user added that it was amazing that the Tesla did not burst into flames which is a risk with the battery pack. They wrote:

“Amazing it didn’t burst into flames like every other Tesla”

However, another user hit back at @bober_ti saying that Tesla’s and other electric vehicles “catch fire way less than ICE [internal combustion engine] vehicles”, with someone else agreeing but adding on that although ICE cars burst into flames more, the fires are easier to put out.

Either way, it is a miracle that those travelling in the Tesla survived the crash and are doing ok.

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