Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel Slammed By Consumer Reports: “Potential Safety Pitfalls”

The Tesla yoke steering wheel found on the new Model S Plaid has certainly torn the company’s following in half. Many love the new steering wheel, which doesn’t have either a top of a bottom, while others don’t like it, complaining about it being more difficult to use.

Now, Consumer Reports have reviewed the wheel, and their review is more than scathing.

Keith Barry of Consumer Reports begins by complaining about his hands aching, continuing with the following:

“Tesla swapped the tried-and-true round steering wheel for a flat-bottomed, rectangular yoke reminiscent of what pilots use to steer an airplane. A traditional circular steering wheel is no longer available on the Model S nor on the mechanically related Model X SUV, even as an option,” he states correctly.

Barry continued to review the wheel, saying that he had issues with controlling the car thanks to the wheel shape. Due to the amount of wheel missing, he found that normal manoeuvres to the left and right were difficult, and with a “slippery” feeling material and signal buttons instead of a stall, he found it very difficult to drive.

“I am concerned if I would be able to control the vehicle well in an emergency situation,” Jake Fisher, Senior Director of CR’s Auto Test Center added.

As more and more customers are getting their hands on the car, thought on the wheel are still divisive despite it being completely legal. Unfortunately, a traditional steering wheel isn’t an option for the car, which I’m sure if putting a few customers off purchasing one, despite its ridiculous levels of power and new Nurburgring lap record.

I am hoping that Tesla does eventually see sense and add a traditional steering wheel as an option. Because after all, have you heard the saying “don’t try to reinvent the wheel”? I just can’t see the point…

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