Tesla YouTuber Explains Why You Need To Buy One

With production and ownership of electric vehicles on the rise, Tesla is leading the charge toward an EV future with popular models like the Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla has grown its market share year after year, becoming a pioneer in electric vehicle design, manufacture, and production. What began as a modest electric car company with just one model, the Roadster, is now a trendsetter in EV manufacturing that’s being pursued by global heavyweights.

Although EVs are still in their infancy, sales have been increasing with new models from automakers being introduced on a regular basis. Although the internal combustion engine is far from obsolete, more people are deciding to switch from a vehicle run by petrol to an electric option. There are advantages and disadvantages for both electric and gasoline cars, but YouTuber Ryan Shaw has a Tesla Model Y and can tell you nine reasons to switch to one.

Shaw is a YouTuber with a strong interest in technology and his current car is a Tesla Model Y that he’s owned for close to two years. He has documented his own experience and given the length of time that he’s kept the vehicle in his garage, he has a solid sense of what it’s like to own a Tesla. Shaw has a new video up on his YouTube channel, and in it, he emphasizes the advantages of having a Tesla while also noting that many of what he perceives as benefits apply to all electric vehicles, not just Teslas.

In many ways, Tesla distinguishes itself from its rivals. The supercharger network, for example, is unique to Tesla, but any EV on the market today will offer a smooth ride and the ability to charge your car at home.

The video goes into considerable detail about each advantage, comparing it to traditional ICE cars. Safety, performance, and entertainment systems (among others) are highlighted as advantages of buying a Tesla by Shaw.

There are several advantages to utilizing an electric vehicle (EV) rather than a gasoline or diesel-powered automobile, but some of those benefits can also be found in traditional vehicles owing to modern safety, environmental, and technological advancements. Regardless of what lies ahead for the automobile, there will always be a spot for enthusiasts. EVs make an excellent case for being your next vehicle, and Ryan Shaw has made it easier than ever before to understand why.

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