Tesla’s Cybertruck Design Significantly Flawed According To Designer

The Cybertruck is a vehicle that is so controversial that if it were to crash, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla would come up with a more typical pickup. The Cybertruck still appears to polarize about a year after its launch, with those who were originally critical of it still holding by that feeling. But a lot of us are warming to the extravagant design.

Frank Stephenson, an automotive designer who has achieved outstanding work for firms such as Ferrari, BMW, Maserati, Fiat, Lancia, and McLaren, lately expressed his thoughts on the bulky pickup truck from Tesla. Stephenson is a prominent car designer and still hailed as one of the most influential today by MotorTrend. Stephenson’s designs usually feature forms that one would find in natural environments and known for “biomimicry.”

Stephenson is not a big fan of Tesla’s angled, aggressive pickup. The designer sees multiple problems with the Cybertruck’s design, both in terms of its outside and interior. Due to the Cybertruck’s extremely angular structure, it will likely to get “aged” faster or gets outdated as years passed by.

The iconic designer compared the futuristic, triangular look of the Cybertruck negatively to the concept of Citroën Karin, which premiered in the 1980s, specifically when it comes to the truck’s interior. Stephenson compared that the interior of the Karin is constructed to be warm and comforting, while the interior of the Cybertruck is stony and isolated. The Cybertruck’s dent-proof panels and Armor Glass windows appear to hide its occupants from other humans.

For his part, Stephenson favoured vehicles which “make their occupants part of not shielded from nature.” According to Stephenson mentioned a clear example of such a car is the Buick Electra EV model, which invokes an ambitious, sustainable future. “The Buick Electra looks like a beacon of hope compared to the Cybertruck’s brutality,” he said.

Although the take on the Tesla truck by Stephenson certainly has some validity, it should be mentioned that the Cybertruck is a pickup, whose category is dominated by utility-optimized machines while appearing as powerful and offensive as possible. The Cybertruck is a kind of project for Tesla, and there seems to be a strong possibility that Elon Musk’s experiment might be moving towards completion, given its approximate pre-order figures. After all, as the Cybertruck polarizes, the vehicle was also designed by a brilliant automobile designer who redefined electric cars with the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

Watch Frank Stephenson expressed his thoughts on the Cybertruck’s design issues:

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