The Delfast TOP 3.0 Is The 200-Mile Electric Bike

As you could probably guess from its name, the TOP 3.0 is Delfast’s third iteration of their flagship electric bike. With a range of over 200 miles, and the option to pedal for even longer runs, the 50 mph TOP blurs the line between motorcycle and bicycle.

Delfast have fitted 20S15P batteries made by Panasonic in the USA. They’re 3200mah batteries and are connected to a IPX5 rated motor that gets 5000W peak power at start, and 3000W of power continuous. If the specs for bikes confuse you compared to cars, well just know it will go 50 mph and can travel over 200 miles, that’s faster and further than most mopeds.

The TOP also comes with push-button start and GPS, as well as anti-theft protection. Much more technology than the average bike, which is suitable for the two-wheeler of the future.

The newest version improves upon its predecessor by adding a more durable and quiet carbon link drive chain, as well as a new transmission which requires very little maintenance. They’ve also redesigned the headlights, which understandably gets less people excited than the bike’s other features.

On their website, Delfast calculates that the average owner will spend only $24 fueling the TOP every year. Additionally, it won’t likely need a battery change in its lifetime, since the cells are rated for 3,000 full cycles.

Right now Delfast is doing an early-bird special, which would allow you to by the 3.0 for $5,650. Normally it will cost $6,650, so that’s a huge savings. They also offer a payment plan of $108 a month. If you’re someone who would bike to work, if only you had the assurance that a motor could fully whisk you away when necessary, this may be your best shot.

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