The Tesla Cybertruck, Semi, And Roadster Are Coming, According To Elon Musk

It’s been revealed during the Cyber Rodeo party held at Tesla’s new Austin Gigafactory, that the new Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster will be released in 2023.

Tesla’s new Austin, Texas factory opened its doors last night with a party. Cyber Rodeo, Elon Musk called it, as the party opened up on the development of the technology company.

It’s taken two years for the factory to be built, with Musk coining it to be the largest manufacturing facility in the world. It  “could fit 194 billion hamsters in [the] building,” Musk says. It’s currently been fitted to build 500,000 cars, but it will soon be expanding to cover a host of other ideas that are being worked on within Tesla.

“We’ll be in production with Cybertruck next year, we’ll be in production with the Roadster, and with Semi,” Musk told the audience. “This year is all about scaling up, and then next year, there’s gonna be a massive wave of new products.”

The Cybertruck was revealed to the world in 2019, and since then production has been pushed back after it was initially supposed to start in late 2021. A similar thing has happened to the Roadster and Semi, with production planned for 1029 and 2020 respectively. These delays have been put down to the challenges of scaling up currently products. But Musk is confident this coming year will see them come to fruition.

“I can’t wait to have this baby in production,” Musk said on the Cybertruck. “It’s gonna be epic.”

“We think, over time, this will probably be the biggest cell factory in the world,” Musk said, showing the audience footage of 4680 battery cells that will be manufactured at the plant. And with his Fremont, California plant building more cars than any other North American factory last year, Musk believes this trend will continue with Austin doing the same.

Tesla fans will be very excited to see what comes from the company within the next year or so. And as usually, we’ll be covering it all.


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