This 1966 VW Camper Van Is The Cutest EV Conversion Yet

Californian based company, EV West, have taken on the job of converting this 1966 Volkswagen Campervan and they have pulled it off beautifully. 

The Campervan was introduced in 1950 as VWs second car model, after the Beetle, and has been iconic for many many years.

The original 53 hp air-cooled flat four engine has been replaced by a NetGain HyPer9 electric motor which gives 120 hp and 173 lb-ft of torque. EV West have used six Tesla battery modules and have kept the original four-speed manual transmission. They also say that the whole electric conversion has added roughly 200 pounds.

This particular conversion was around $55,000 but they can be cheaper if you do not include the battery or installation. EV West claims that the newly converted Camper has a range of about 95 miles and we are completely in love with it. 

EV West specialise in electric vehicle conversions and this is definitely a top favourite. What car would you want to convert?


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