This Cybertruck Six-Wheeled Rover Would Be Fantastic For Tesla’s Moon Trip

SpaceX and Tesla are to companies, what peanut butter and chocolate are to my mouth. By that, I mean they make some sweet combinations. For instance, the Tesla Model X that astronauts used to shuttle to the Crewed Dragon launch the other week.

It’s inevitable that once Tesla gets to the Moon, and then Mars, they will need some sort of rover. However, in the same way that SpaceX designed their own superior space suit, and used Tesla’s car for these missions, they  would also design a rover.

Well, Charlie Automotive, an industrial design  service with a pretty sweet Instagram account, recently put forth their imaginative Tesla rover concept.  The Cyber6 v2 Moon-rover, adds another set of complex wheels to the futuristic truck.

Wheels, in that the vehicle rides on them, but with a series of smaller rotating contraptions, which help traverse the lunar terrain.

The Cyber6 also gets some sweet tanks, tools, and satellite dishes attached to its body. I’m no space expert, but you wouldn’t catch me out there fighting aliens or whatever, without at least six wheels and a satellite dish.

The addition of a couple new LED light bars on the front would help astronauts cruise around the dark side of the Moon. The identifying emblems and marks, that denote NASA and US heritage are also sweet aesthetic choices.

As with anything that goes to the lunar surface, the Cybertruck would become that much more iconic. No doubt people would and will customize their vehicles to resemble this one, maybe not with extra tires, but surely with vinyl stickers that say NASA and SpaceX.

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