This EV Conversion Kit Only Costs €5,000

Electric vehicle conversions are becoming more and more popular, with the rise in fuel prices along with how expensive new electric vehicles are. However, converting a petrol or diesel car is not so simple and is sometimes quite costly for the average person to be able to do.

Youtube channel, Fully Charged, have released a video looking into the French Company, Transition One, that claims it will do an EV conversion for €5,000, accounting for government subsidies.

Transition One claims that’s its goal is to make EV conversions accessible to more people.

We see in the video the conversion of an old Fiat 500. As this is an affordable kit, don’t expect to achieve a high range or increase the performance massively of the car. The converted Fiat 500 has a range of 100km (62 miles) and a max speed of 110km/h (68 mph), which are not the most impressive stats we have seen on other EV conversions but for a run around town car, these should be sufficient.

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Transition One retains the original gearbox and as much of the original car as possible to keep the price down. For example, in most conversions, the battery pack would be put under the hood replacing the engine, Transition One put the battery pack in the back where the fuel tank would have been. So, you still have the fun of changing the gears yourself but you don’t need to use the clutch to set off.

Viewers seem to be impressed with this kit so far with one commenting:

“This is bloody amazing. We should be totally embracing this idea of changing cars to electric rather than buying new ones. I’d love an electric Audi A2.”

And another said:

“I hope this is available in the USA. I would definitely convert my old engine to EV.”

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