This Ford GT40 EV Conversion Is Making Me Want To Take Out A Big Loan

EV conversions are becoming more and more popular with the push from Governments promising to get rid of internal-combustion cars along with the rapid rise in fuel prices. Instead of buying a new electric vehicle, many are looking to transform their current cars to electric vehicles and if you owned a Ford GT40 replica like this one, we imagine you would do the same. 

UK company, Everrati, converted this GT40 replica built by a Florida based company called Superformance.

Everrati is a restomod specialist company that will be adding the GT40 to their list of conversions including a 964-generation Porsche 911 and Mercedes SL Pagoda.

Everrati claim that it has been converted with the racetrack in mind so promise quick charge times with a 60 kWh battery and a 0-60 mph time under four seconds and a maximum speed of 125 mph. They have given it a bespoke powertrain which gives around 800 hp and 590 lb-ft. 

Even though they haven’t released range figures yet, this is pretty impressive and is sure to catch a lot of attention. 

CEO of Everrati, Justin Lunny, said:

“This is the perfect partnership. The sole focus of both Everrati and Superformance is iconic cars and Lance and his team are THE guys when it comes to authorised continuation chassis of some of the most legendary cars in history. Marrying these chassis with our advanced EV powertrains and precision engineering will enhance performance while keeping the essence and soul of the original. We aim to create the best electric driver’s cars while, at the same time, future-proofing these true past masters.”

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