This InMotion V11 Unicycle Has Full Suspension and Can Reach 31MPH

The world of EVs doesn’t only revolve around four wheels. We want to spread our wings and encompass all sorts of electric vehicles, whether that means trikes or even bikes. Today, we’re venturing into the one-wheel market, with the InMotion V11 3,000W electric unicycle.

I’ve seen electric skateboards, but I’ve never seen someone using an electric skateboard in real life. Of course, YouTube is full of the things, especially around New York under the control of one Casey Neistat. They are, however, becoming much more popular, and a community around these cool little things is growing.

This InMotion V11 is incredibly powerful, with the motor peaking at 3,000 Watts. This means it car carry you to speeds of 31mph – kinda scary if you ask me, but hey, it would certainly make a commute look a little less intimidating. A 72 V nominal 1.42 kWh battery made up of 80 individual 21700 cells gives this thing a range of 57 miles (90km) at 20mph according to eWheels, a US-based distributor of electric unicycles and scooters, but InMotion declares it can actually reach 75 miles (120km) on a single charge.

A cooling fan and ram air intake helps keep the device cool when running at high speeds, and there’s a built-in suspension with 70mm of travel to keep the impact off of your knees. There’s “automotive-grade” lighting front and bach with an 18W headlight at the front to illuminate the road in front of you, and a pull-out handle and kickstand means it’s easy to store and pull alongside you when you’re not riding it, especially as it sits at a weight of 27kg.

While it’s to be released in June later this year, you can put a $500 deposit down to put your name on one. Expect to pay a total of $1,999 when the time comes. Seems expensive, but people put that money on pushbikes these days.

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