This Is What It Would Look Like If Tesla Ran TV Ads

Tesla, the quickest growing car manufacturer of our time, never actually runs advertisements. That may not seem true at first thought, but it undeniably has been a key piece to Elon Musk’s business plan since day one. Instead, they’ve relied on good-ol-fashioned word of mouth, and critical acclaim to spread the word of their cars. However, that prerogative isn’t shared by fans of the company, who have gone ahead and made an ad of their own.

The filmmakers, John P. Neveu and Billy Cramer, have crafted a spine-tingling spot befitting such a well-made range of products. With its ephemeral drone footage and epic narration, it would easily feel at home between the best superbowl commercials of any year.

But you may ask, why have Tesla not made something like this in the past? Wouldn’t it help to distill all of the best features and answers to the most ardent Tesla skeptic’s questions into videos like this?


This question has been posed to Elon on a number of occasions, with his typical answer being that ads are a waste of money. He’s even said that he “hates” advertising and considers it toxic.

In a recent shareholders meeting, one question during the Q&A addressed the abundance of misinformation surrounding Teslas and other EVs. The suggestion was made that Tesla’s radio silence surrounding editorials or rumours could do irreparable harm to the brand. When asked if running ads or putting up a debunking page on their website could solve this, Musk said it would be considered.

In the meantime, these amazing fan works could cover the bases, without Musk having to compromise on his morals. Either way, check out the filmmaker’s page!

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