This Punch E-Bike Looks So Good it Hurts

Electric bikes are a dime-a-dozen nowadays. They are usually cool, often rugged, and always eco-friendly. However, very few can hold a candle to the timeless design creds as the Punch! E-bike designed by Artem Smirnov.

The Punch was inspired by 80s cafe racers, as almost all stylish bikes should be. It comes with two quick-detachable batteries that can be easily unlatched like cargo trunks.

The speed has been limited to 120 km/h or 105 km/h depending on what power version you’d buy. That’s about 75 mph, which would be plenty of speed to zip around town. If you wanted to go further, Smirnov says the Punch would have a 68-mile range.

One leading point with the Punch, is that the silent and emission-less motor would allow you to discreetly pull the bike into an indoor space, even late at night, without disturbing others. For example, coming home late from the bars, and pulling into your apartment lobby.

Smirnov also points out that the lack of a gearbox allows the motorcycle’s acceleration to follow the exact throttle grip position. Which is a good point that should be made more often.

Reardless of features and capabilities, the Punch just looks absolutely stunning. It’s the kind of drip that usually comes only from classic Sony gadgets, Braun Bauhaus-influenced designs, and vintage Nikons oozed back in the day.

The tubular seat and chassis, mixed with the modular batteries, beefy tires, and slick accent colors… sign me up! If only this were to be produced, then maybe Swedin’s Cake would have some competition on their hands.


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