This Solar Yacht Could Find You Sailing The Seas Utility-Free For $500,000

Forget an Earthship home or some Tesla roof, I want to sail the open seas, like Kevin Costner. The only problem, I’m terrified of maintaining a boat! Well, Singaporean yacht company, Azura Marine may just have that taken care of, with their new Aquanima 40, a solar-powered, battery-amended catamaran.

These unlimited-range vessels cover their entire roof in a 10kW solar array, and then store surplus in a 60kW battery pack. Thanks to the abundance of sunlight on the open ocean, that means the Aquanima can travel at 4 knots endlessly.

If you’re not sold already, Azura Marine have also added a rainwater collection system, and water maker, that will keep you showering, flushing, and ice-making to your heart’s content. There is a full galley, full bathroom, and two half-baths.

The yacht has WiFi on board, as well as three “guest cabins” and two “crew cabins,” but frankly, I would turn all but one into store houses and grow rooms, and never look back.

Thanks to the electricity system, which also powers the two silent and odorless 10 kW motors, and the water system, all you would ever need to do is dock for fruit and vegetables, assuming you don’t want scurvy.

Speaking of those motors, they alleviate my fears of boat maintenance, since they only ever should need new bearings, every 20,000 operation hours. A figure which Azura is quick to mention is much longer than the average lifespan of a yacht.

In conclusion, the 40-foot version of this yacht does cost $500,000, which sounds like a lot for a boat. On the other hand, it doesn’t sound like that much for a home, especially considering the lack of utility costs, and the lack of laws on international waters. That all considered, I would opt for the 45-foot version, which has a rooftop deck.

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