This Tesla Powered Honda S2000 Is The Right Kind Of EV Conversion

The Honda S2000 has always been such a popular choice for fans to modify and customise in various different ways that it is now quite difficult to find one that is completely untouched. Despite this, it is rare to see one that has been converted to be fully electric.

Hoonigan have released a video featuring a S2000 that has been modified by Rywire Motorsport Electrinics. Quite a lot was needed to be done to make the conversion work, the car now has a custom front bumper along with custom designed wheels.

By adding extra weight and roughly doubling the power the car originally had, they had to do something to keep that in control, so they added adjustable suspension from Swedish company Öhlins. They also used a Tesla drive unit tuned to 500 horsepower and two Chevrolet Volt battery packs. According to builder, Ryan, it totals 32 kWh which should give the car roughly 120 miles of range.

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We know this might not be to everyone’s taste but you cannot deny the fact that they have been able to tie everything in together and have executed the build very well. Let us know your thoughts, would you take on a similar conversion?

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