Unplugged Performance Releases Big Brake Kit For Tesla Model X Plaid And 2021+ Model X

Unplugged Performance has recently released a front big brake kit which is sure to be getting Tesla Model X Plaid and 2021+ Model X owners very excited. The aftermarket tuning company has promised “improved stopping power for Model X Plaid owners who like to drive their family performance SUV hard and fast”.

The Tesla Model X Plaid has just had its first deliveries and is boasting 1,020 horsepower and a 9.9 second quarter mile time. However, to push the car to its limits puts an incredible amount of pressure on the stock braking system due to the bloated weight of the car and its batteries.

Unplugged has designed the Performance Carbon-Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit (BBK) to withstand the extreme temperatures caused by bringing this heavy SUV to a stop over and over again.

Image from Unplugged Performance

Unplugged claims that its carbon-ceramic brake systems are quieter than other iron systems and perform well in all driving conditions, not only this but they have managed to increase the pad to rotor surface area from the standard 77.5cm² to 149.4cm². Maybe more importantly, the kit reduced the unsprung weight of the vehicle by over 25lbs.

This kit will be great for those wanting to take their Model X onto the track, or even just driving it spiritedly on a quiet back road. Thanks to its battery placement, the car has a very low centre of gravity so performs well in these high-performance high G conditions but being able to disperse heat from the brakes at a higher rate whilst also having more stopping power is a welcome modification.

Will you be adding this brake kit to your wish-list?

If you are not completely convinced yet, we have added the full specifications below for you and check out the full details here.

Image from Unplugged Performance


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