Updated Tesla Semi Spotted Testing Ahead of 2023 Launch

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, revealed that Tesla would start producing the Semi in 2023 during the Cyber Rodeo in April. Although always taken with a pinch of salt, there have now been a few sightings of the vehicles being tested that makes us think this might actually happen. Especially as many of these sightings have been close by to one of PepsiCo’s sights, they are already confirmed as a Tesla Semi customer have they have had several Megachargers installed.

The most recent sighting was of two Tesla Semi units in the updated Class 8 truck design. Timothy Williamson, who shared the video, said that he saw the trucks near Donner Lake on Highway 80. The vehicles were travelling west which lead many of Williamson’s followers to suggest they were headed for the PepsiCo Modesto site.

The Tesla Semi is set to be huge for the transportation sector. The huge trucking market is responsible for a large amount of emissions every year so the long-waited Semi could finally help bring a more sustainable future to the industry.

According to Tesla, the Semi will have four motors on the rear axles and will be available in two variants offering different ranges. The 300-mile version is anticipated to be $150,000 and the 500-mile version should be around the $180,000 mark. Tesla has estimated that with how energy efficient the model is with using less than 2 kWh per mile, the Semi could be saving customers up to $200,000 a year.

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