Video: Tesla Autopilot Automatically Stops At Red Light After New Self-Driving Update

We’ve known for a while that Tesla is going to be introducing an Autopilot feature that will allow the car to monitor traffic signals such as red and green lights. Now, a video of this new feature has been released and it’s got us dreaming of the future.

This new autonomous feature will help in city driving scenarios, similar to the help a Tesla gives during highway driving. As usual, it is only a tool that gives the driver assistance, but CEO Elon Musk explains how this is part of the “feature complete” version of the cars’ self-driving capabilities. These were supposed to be rolled out to cars by the end of last year.

Instead, a preview of the self-driving software has been pushed in the form of stop signs and lights being shown in the Autopilot visualisation. It should be noted that the car didn’t change its driving after this update, it simply showed the signs and lights being sensed by its systems.

Now, the full update is being sent to its “early access fleet”, which consists of owners who have access to early beta updates. Out of Spec Motoring has access to a Model 3 with these updates available, so has shared a video of the new feature being used.

Alongside the visualisation of the red light, the car stops automatically.

In the future, the full-self-driving package will be available to owners whose vehicles are equipped with the latest Autopilot hardware and who paid the $7,000 fee for the Full Self-Driving Capability package. It’s said to be equipped with the following two features:

  • Sense and respond to traffic lights and stop signs
  • Automatic city driving

We’re not sure when Tesla will be rolling out the software to the remaining cars, but it could be a number of weeks before they’re seeing it. Until then, we’re very excited for what this means for autonomous driving.

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