VP of Tesla Solar Products Discusses Competition

Them’s fightin’ words! Austin Carr, the new Vice President of Tesla’s Solar Products, had some confident words to say about Tesla’s solar division and their competition in the solar market. The former CTO and co-founder of SolorCity, which was recently acquired by Tesla, claims that the Tesla/SolarCity combo is the only one that can pull off home solar tech successfully.

Last June, Elon Musk purchased SolarCity in a deal reportedly valued at $2.8 billion. The combination of Tesla and SolarCity, once a huge success in the solar market) hopes to bring solar power to the masses, with a combination of Solar Roof, Powerwall, and a Tesla car.

Solar Roof pre-orders went live in May and have already reportedly sold out well into 2018, with demand far exceeding initial estimates. Much of this is due to the aesthetics of the Solar roof, which from afar look pretty much like any old roofing tile. One of the bigger drawbacks with current residential solar panels is the large, black, clearly noticeable panels plopped on top of your roof. For many, it is an eyesore and can instantly ruin the aesthetics of a home. The Solar Roof hopes to eliminate that issue altogether.

With that attractive product in mind, Austin Carr had some confident words about the Solar Roof and any competitors in the industry:

“If you just created a solar shingle, you’re kind of f****d. I don’t think anybody but the combination of SolarCity and Tesla can pull this off.”

Because SolarCity is now a part of Tesla, the company can offer quite a bit more than the average solar company. The possibility to meet all of a consumer’s energy needs, from production to storage to charging their Tesla car is what makes Tesla’s solution so attractive, and what is probably giving Mr. Carr so much confidence.

SOURCE | Futurism

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