Watch A Tesla Model Y Lose Control In Snow As It Breaks Traction Down Hill

When driving in the snow on a particularly steep downhill with 19-inch wheels and all-season tires, a Tesla Model Y driver had a frightening experience. Driving in the snow for the first time was simple at first but once on the steep decline, difficulties began to develop.

Di Vlog annotated in the video:

“We have no idea what’s coming.”

On a snowy downhill, the car started to slide so the driver was forced to pull over to the side of the road.

The car then reversed out of a driveway and onto the road, where it began sliding down sideways. The vehicle turned and began plummeting nose first with no chance to come to a halt so the driver started beeping his horn to make other drivers aware he was not in control.

He amazingly manages to not collide with other vehicles, but the video ends there so we don’t know for sure whether the car hit the barrier or not.

“First time driving downhill in Tesla Model Y 19 inches wheel with OEM all-season tires. It’s bad.”

Switching from all-season tires to dedicated Winter tires, or even studded tires in extremely severe Winter environments, are two simple methods to avoid a slide like this.

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