Watch A Tesla P100D Drag Race A Ferrari F12

Sometimes, performance is the main metric concerning a prospective car buyer. If they have unlimited cash, they would buy the quickest car around. Increasingly, that’s looking like a one-sided competition between electric and traditional cars.

In a recent upload from Youtuber, ICSI, we can see a Tesla Model S P100D, race down a quarter-mile track against a beautiful Ferrari F12.

As many of these races have shown, the 731 horsepower of the Ferrari’s 6.3L V12 engine, makes little difference against the Tesla’s instant torque.

Of course, in a long stretch the Ferrari would catch up to the Tesla. Obviously, the driver of the Ferrari didn’t get the best start. Regardless, there is a lot to be said about how electric drivetrains can deliver their power so quickly.

The P100D costs $133,000. That’s less than half the F12’s $325,000 price tag. A lot of people won’t care about the cost. All they want is the roar of a naturally aspirated engine, and the costs that come with getting 18 miles to a gallon.

Being much quicker (.7 seconds faster 0-60), and getting the equivalent of 98 miles per gallon, well that’s just lame.

Anyway, the unofficial word on the street  is that both cars have a Nürburgring lap time within a few seconds of each other.

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