Watch How Teslas Get Better With Age

Youtuber Marques Brownlee has achieved success by elegantly showcasing tech over the years. With his combination of production value and positive outlook, there isn’t much in the world of tech that doesn’t deserve his thorough coverage.

Well, thankfully, Brownlee is a prominent Tesla owner, who occasionally points his RED camera towards his Model S and gives us a fresh take.


In a recent video, he adds to the growing community support for Tesla’s continuous improvements. Although, where Sandy Munro showed us some of the mechanical engineering advancements in more recent Teslas, Brownlee focuses on the software.

As a two-time Model S owner, MKBHD has a bit of knowledge on the workings of said car over the years. He eloquently demonstrates the improvements (not perfections) of Tesla’s Smart Summon feature, as well as their UI responsiveness and so-on.

Of course, not everything is software, and he also shows how the seats, touchscreen, and trim packages have improved as well. Brownlee also goes on to show how the advancements made at Tesla have helped them to narrow down their car-customization process, effectively streamlining production to necessitate fewer skus.

Where not super scientific, one of my favorite visuals is the perceived depreciation of traditional cars versus Tesla EVs, which Brownlee uses an imaginary line drawn with his had to show. As an owner, and a reviewer, his opinion should be taken especially seriously.

Tesla cars should be seen as more analogous to high-end computers than traditional combustion-vehicles, so in that sense an influencer in the world of tech represents a very pertinent opinion.


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