Watch SpaceX Starship Land Successfully Before Blowing Itself To Pieces

SpaceX has been testing its new Starship rocket for months now, with each test said to be focussing on the flight aspect of the vehicle, while the landing of the ship made for a cracking bit of TV but ultimately failed each time. Now, however, a recent landing from the SN10 has proven that it in fact can be done. But one issue, it exploded a couple of minutes later. Watch the video below to see the action:

This video shows the detonation at the end.

With just one raptor engine, the rocket landed autonomously, albeit it with a rather hard shunt. And while it looked fine, the rocket opened a couple of oxygen or methane vents, that triggered a fire that could be seen at the bottom of the vehicle. While remote-controlled water jets were smothering the rocket with fire extinguishing chemicals, they were unable to control the fire, sentencing the rocket to a brief life.

However, this issue won’t be a difficult fix for SpaceX, and we expect the next Starship test to be a successful one.

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