Your New EV Arrived, And It Cost Just $3,000 Mostly In Shipping

Jason Torchinsky, a writer with Jalopnik, recently pulled the plug and ordered the most exciting Alibaba purchase I’ve seen in a long time. The cheapest new car in the world, coming in at just $900 before shipping. If that weren’t exciting enough, it’s also an EV, with 1.1 horsepower!

The Chinese car, called a Changli, ended up costing about $3000 once it arrived in Torchinsky’s driveway, which is still an insanely affordable price for a brand new EV. Despite the rain, he couldn’t hold in his excitement, and immediately shoot an unboxing video.

I first had this ridiculous idea to buy the cheapest car I could find on Alibaba, and there’s been so much convincing the bosses, fees to be paid, paperwork to be filled out, logistics to be handled, and just getting it from the warehouse to my house in David’s wonderfully janky-ass J10 pickup (which we’ll cover more later) that the idea that it’s finally here hasn’t even really sunk in.

I want to make something abundantly clear; if I had a magic wand, I would replace every car in the world with this bizarre hunk of pot metal. It’s “fashion” styling, quirky little shape, and humble specifications, would make it the ideal starter vehicle.

Your kids turning 16? Guess you’ll have to get them their own Changli. “Oh no, your Changli got totalled in a low-speed Changli-on-Changli collision? How long until your next one arrives?”

I’ve looked into food-trucks that come from the same Alibaba lineage, and turned away after assuming it would be a scam. Now I’m seriously reconsidering. These are the Soviet Ladas of the future, but with so much more style.

I wish my partner were filming me test a Changli in the rain right now.

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