YouTuber Casey Neistat Rides The First Ever Cyberbike On Video

YouTuber and Tesla fan Casey Neistat has taken the Cybertruck design and turned it into a bike that’s more recognisable than Jeremy Clarkson’s smug face. Okay, fine. It’s not actually a Tesla, it’s actually made by an electric bike company, and underneath the aluminium shell is a bike called the Super73.

Casey is currently testing the all-electric bike, but because it was still in a testing phase, they wanted to make sure its innards were hidden from public view. So, they strapped on an aluminium shell that took inspiration from the Cybertruck – an unpainted metal and angular design – and ran with it. Or rode. Hm.

“…While you can ride the CyberBike, you can’t ride it that well especially when you have to make a turn. See we had to get the handlebars and stick them out of the CyberBike’s windows that make it almost impossible to steer,” Neistat says in the video.

“See Super73 is this electric bike company and have this dope new bike coming out and they wanted me to test it but we needed a way to test it where other people wouldn’t be able to see the bike cause it wasn’t finished yet.”

Of course, this bike has got plenty of attention after being aired on Casey’s YouTube channel which is now boasting more than 11 million subscribers, but the video shows a number of people getting excited about the interesting looking bike. The design even has a rear bed, which is in fact just a plastic moulding, that’s the perfect size for a six-pack of beer. that’s what I call good design work.

Check out the video below and maybe, if Tesla CEO Elon Musk sees it, we might see something from Tesla in the future. On that note though, Musk has often remarked at how he will never build a motorbike thanks to a previous experience with one earlier in his life. We’ll see what happens, but we can’t help but be excited by this thought.

Want to see a Cyberbike on the road? Let us know!

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