Tesla-Swapped Ferrari 308 Shows How Much Better Than Original EV Conversions Can Get

Jack from the Number 27 Youtube channel, recently met up with an owner of a Tesla-swapped Ferrari 308. As Jack himself owns a Ferrari 308, he wanted to test-drive the electric conversion, and see if the process improved the classic 3.0L V8.

As he approached it with an open mind, he found that the Tesla-swap made the Ferrari and objectively better car. Of course, we would have to agree. Even the placement of the 45 kWh battery packs allowed for better 50-50 weight distribution than the original.

Firstly, the Ferrari “GTE” gets a significant power increase. It goes from what would have been a 250 horsepower stock engine, to a 450 – 500 horsepower motor. Not only does that figure sound much more impressive, but it also replaces a 0 – 60 mph time of 7.5 seconds to one of less than half that, 3.5 seconds.

Next, and this is my personal favorite, the Ferrari becomes more “anonymous” as Jack puts it. The bikes on the road don’t hear you coming up behind them. When you pull past them, and floor it, they are shocked at how sneaky you can be.

The last reason this is superior to the original engine, is that it’s obviously far more reliable. The Ferrari needed an engine rebuild after just 50k miles, and Jack’s is in similar condition. This Tesla drive unit will last far longer than that, and probably never need any maintenance.

This was a really clean build, and hopefully convinces at least a handful of other classic Ferrari owners to do a conversion. There will still be the detractors, like charging, range, and lack of NA growling, but as batteries and motors become more developed and readily accessible, these projects will start becoming much more common.