Arson Claims Target Tesla: A Closer Look at the Fechenheim Fire Incident

Understanding the Motives and Implications of a Recent Tesla-Related Arson in Frankfurt, Germany

A group has claimed responsibility for a fire that destroyed numerous Teslas in the Fechenheim district in Frankfurt, Germany. As per a post from the group, the arson was committed because Tesla is one of its “most prominent enemies.”

According to the German Press Agency (dpa), a total of 15 Tesla electric vehicles were lost in the blaze. Interestingly enough, initial reports from the Frankfurt fire department stated that only 10 Teslas were lost in the incident. A police spokesperson estimated the cost of the damage to be around 500,000 euros. The fire department was notified of the blaze around 3:20 a.m. local time Tuesday night. By the time the fire department arrived at the scene, the flames had already spread to several other vehicles. But contrary to the anti-EV narrative, which alleges that electric car fires are extremely difficult to handle, the flames were under control around 4:30 a.m.

Amidst the aftermath of the incident, a letter claiming responsibility for the fire was posted on the left-wing platform In their letter, the group argued that Tesla is their enemy because the company exploits resources worldwide. The group echoed a number of anti-Tesla claims that have been prevalent in the past, such as alleged abuses related to the mining of battery materials.

“Like other companies, Tesla exploits resources worldwide. The necessary raw materials for electric car batteries, such as lithium and cobalt, are mined under terrible conditions in Latin America and Africa. Despite the great green paint, fossil fuels are needed for transport and production,” the group wrote. The group also argued that it is pertinent to damage Tesla economically and politically. This way, the letter of responsibility noted, the group could emphasize that it does not agree with “green lies.”

“This time, as resistance, we attacked a parking lot with Teslas for sale. Private Teslas are often affected everywhere or the construction of factories like in Berlin-Grünheide is sabotaged. These are all important parts of damaging this company. Also economically, but above all politically. To show that we do not agree with green lies, theft of raw materials or cities and roads that belong to the rich,” the group wrote.

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