Tesla 2023 Holiday Update: What’s Coming to Your Tesla?

Tesla’s 2023 Holiday Update, announced to launch next week, promises significant advancements in safety and entertainment for its vehicles. The update’s headline feature is the capability for Tesla cars to automatically dial 911 if the airbags deploy during a collision, a major leap in vehicular safety.

Key Takeaways

  • Advanced Safety Feature: The update’s standout feature is the new ability of Tesla vehicles to automatically call 911 when airbags are deployed, enhancing passenger safety in accidents.
  • Integration and Entertainment Enhancements: This update adds Apple Podcasts support and rear-screen Bluetooth headset compatibility, building on the previous year’s Apple Music integration. It also includes an improved park assistance feature with 3D visuals.
  • Gaming and Practicality Improvements: The update introduces a new tower defence game, Castle Doombad, rear-screen gaming, and the capability to read multiple light shows from a single USB drive. It also adds new blind spot indicators and includes B-pillar cameras in the Tesla app’s Live Sentry view.

Tesla’s latest update represents a significant step forward in enhancing both safety and entertainment features in its vehicles. The automatic 911 call function is a pioneering safety feature, likely to appeal to safety-conscious consumers. This function is especially pivotal, considering the growing emphasis on vehicular safety in modern cars.

The entertainment upgrades follow suit, with the inclusion of Apple Podcasts and new gaming features like Castle Doombad. The continuation of integrating Apple services, following last year’s addition of Apple Music, indicates Tesla’s commitment to offering a comprehensive and seamless media experience for its users.

Moreover, the update is not just about fun and games. Practical improvements are also a focus. For example, Tesla vehicles can now read multiple light shows from a single USB drive, a convenient feature for those who enjoy customizing their cars. This update also introduces new blind spot indicators and an updated park assistance feature with 3D visuals, showing Tesla’s responsiveness to user feedback.

However, the update isn’t only about entertainment enhancements. Adding B-pillar cameras to the Tesla app’s Live Sentry view is a response to Elon Musk’s commitment to improving safety features, though these cameras won’t record Dashcam and Sentry Mode events, as reported by Not a Tesla App.

Reflecting on past updates, like last year’s introduction of Apple Music and Steam integration, and the previous year’s addition of TikTok and Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s clear that Tesla is maintaining its tradition of significant annual updates. This year’s addition of new features like rear-screen gaming and Castle Doombad marks a sensible shift from the controversy surrounding front-screen gaming in the past.

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