Twin Tesla Cybertrucks with Graffiti and Starlink Mobility Dish: A Glimpse into Off-Road Durability Testing

Recent Livestream Reveals Thrilling Performance and Challenges Faced by the Electric Pickup Trucks

In the world of all-electric motoring, innovation knows no bounds. Just a few days ago, the motoring community was abuzz with images of twin Tesla Cybertrucks adorned with striking neon graffiti, with one of them sporting a Starlink Mobility dish on its roof. These electrifying beasts recently took the stage in a livestream, and the spectacle provided a unique insight into their capabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Twin Tesla Cybertrucks, featuring eye-catching graffiti, underwent off-road durability testing in Baja, Mexico.
  • The livestream showcased the trucks conquering challenging terrain, including drifting and high-speed runs.
  • Despite their stock configuration, the Cybertrucks impressed with their durability, save for two flat tires.

As it turns out, the twin graffiti-wrapped Cybertrucks were deployed in Baja for rigorous off-road durability testing. The livestream documented their journey through the rugged Baja trail, revealing their prowess. At several points, one of the Cybertrucks displayed thrilling drifts and impressive speed.

The most intriguing aspect of this demonstration was that these Cybertrucks were fresh off the factory floor, except for the addition of race seats equipped with five-point harnesses for safety. The livestream’s host aptly summed up their performance, saying, “These trucks are hardcore. They’re super fun, super durable. The only issues we’ve had are two flat tires so far.”

It’s worth noting that the Tesla Cybertruck’s livestream received significant support from the electric vehicle maker’s leadership. CEO Elon Musk himself shared the livestream on his personal account, highlighting the importance of this milestone. Tesla VP – Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy, praised the Tesla team and emphasized that Baja is not a challenge to be taken lightly.

The journey of the Cybertrucks commenced in San Diego and led them all the way down the Baja Peninsula, covering an impressive 1,280 miles. This endeavor was undoubtedly grueling, with late nights and early mornings, but it was made feasible thanks to the Tesla Destination Charger network, which ensured the vehicles remained charged throughout their journey.

The Tesla Cybertruck represents a significant departure from conventional electric vehicles. It’s the first electric pickup designed to withstand extreme conditions and take on the toughest challenges. As Elon Musk declared in April 2020, the Cybertruck is meant to “kick butt in Baja.” With rigorous testing in demanding environments well underway, Tesla is committed to delivering a thrilling and robust vehicle that will undoubtedly redefine the world of all-electric motoring.

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