Defender EV Conversion Kit: Only £24,000

We have seen many immaculate classic Land Rover Defender EV conversions, however, they usually come at a pretty hefty price tag that has six digits. UK based company, Electrogenic, has just released their ‘drop-in’ battery and motor kit that is boasting an incredible price of just £24,000.

Electrogenic Land Rover Defender

The new kit, which is designed to be installed by a qualified mechanic, is designed to bolt in easily. It includes a 52-kWh battery which fits in the place of the engine and is estimated to provide 100 miles of range and the electric motor which will be attached to the existing clutch bell housing. The engine has 120hp and 174 lb-ft of torque. The kit will come standard with 7.5-kW AC charging and there will be the option to upgrade to faster charging.

Electrogenic co-founder, Steve Drummond, has explained:

“We do high-specification conversions for road-warriors, but this kit is all about giving landowners an economic, sustainable option. It’s easy to install and uses Electrogenic’s proprietary technology. It gives Land Rover Defenders – long a trusty workhorse for farms up and down the country – an affordable new lease of life, reducing running costs while enhancing performance and drivability around the estate.”

So, you might be wondering why the price of £24,000 is so much lower than the other Defender conversions out there. It is partly down to the smaller battery and attaching the motor to the clutch bell housing which means that it is able to go in without too many modifications. The horsepower is also on the lower side comparing to other examples of Defender EVs we have seen which can provide up to 600hp.

With it being mainly aimed at farmers, Electrogenic claim that owners would have a yearly saving of £6,000 on fuel costs which would mean that over the course of four years, the price of the kit would have equalled out. This is very much dependant on what happens with fuel costs, but going by the recent extreme increases in fuel prices, this kit is sure to generate a lot of interest.

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