Dodge Confirms The End Of The Hellcat While Teasing All-Electric Muscle Car: “It’s History”

The Hellcat engine has for a long time been synonymous with the highest performance muscle cars of this era. It shocked the industry when it powered the first factory car to be able to pull a wheelie. But now, it looks as though things are going to change. According to a report from Motor Authority, the powerful crate engine will be phased out after 2023, with Dodge and Stellantis opting for an all-electric muscle car instead.

Talking with Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis at the 2021 LA Auto Show, Motor Authority was able to confirm this:

“There are two more years to buy a Hellcat, then it’s history.”

Obviously, big changes are afoot within Dodge, and this is a big deal with Dodge currently controlling the landscape of American muscle. If Dodge was to turn green with EVs, I’d think a lot of other manufacturers would follow suit.

Motor Authority was able to get its hands on Dodge’s strategy to electrification consisting of 26 garage doors. Four of these have already been opened, and it’s been promised that the final door will reveal an all-electric Dodge muscle car in 2024. It’s also been promised that a working and driving concept of product will be revealed next year in 2022.

According to Kuniskis, Dodge is going to “do electrification different than everybody else.” We’re unsure as to what this entails quite yet, but with its strong history, we’re very much looking forward to it.

We can assume that as the Hellcat engine is nearing the end of its life, no other cars will be given the Hellcat treatment, including the Pacifica, which will disappoint some keen enthusiasts. What will be coming, though, is a plug-in hybrid of some sort in 2022. According to Motor Authority’s interview with Kuniskis, we’re “going to be excited about it”.

This is incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to see what Dodge has in store for us. And with Dodge loving its record-breaking performance cars, Tesla and the like better watch their backs.

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