Elon Musk Teases “V11” Most Requested Updates Coming This December

Tesla teases on surprised filled features of “v11” update to be released this coming holidays. CEO Elon Musk himself guarantees these features are based on requests and more that owners will surely love.

It has been a while since Tesla released a major update for its software. In fact, the last one was September 2019. The UI changes, Tesla Theater, Caraoke, and other extra features emerged from the “v10” update. Those updates are installed inside Tesla vehicles for free.

Tesla consistently pushes for improvements with a series of minor wireless updates to further advance existing features and create new ones. However, the hype is up as Elon Musk gives out a huge announcement via Twitter.


What is the “v11” update is about?

Musk declared that the update is made up mostly of the most requested and features that you possibly did not know you want. These features possibly include line ups that fail to be included from the “v10” update.

The “v11” update may include a birds-eye view in the FSD package’s autopilot camera; a built-in “native” video conferencing; Tesla’s vehicle’s ability to communicate to people with its outer speakers; and one of the most looked forward to feature is the addition of a video game.

We will see in the following month which features will be included in the “v11” update.

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